PureRun Minimalist Hydration Vest by Amphipod Running (Product Review)

Disclaimer: I received an PureRun Minimalist Hydration Vest by Amphipod Running to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I’m going to start this review by saying I am not normally a hydration vest user. I have used other vests when they first came around but had such a bad experience with them, in terms of chaffing and cleaning, I stopped wearing them and never found  a replacement.

Then, I bought a hydration belt, but even that wasn’t quite what I needed. It didn’t hold nearly enough water and it always bounces on my butt no mater how I place it or adjust it.

When BibRave put the CTA out about the Amphipod PureRun Minimalist Hydration Vest, I saw the words “minimalist” and “vest” in the same sentence and was intrigued.

When it comes to hydration needs on the run (usually for anything over an hour and also depending on the temperature outside), I look for a few things:
-Amount of water I can carry
-Minimal to no “bounce” or moving around on my back or body (i.e. I don’t want it rubbing any exposed skin)
-Minimal fabric/bulk of the product itself
-Pockets for things like my phone, keys or ID and cash (because if I’m wearing a vest, I don’t want to wear anything else in terms of belts or put things in my pockets)
-Easy to take care of and clean

To keep it simple, the PureRun Minimalist Hydration Vest met all my needs and more!

Pros/Features/What makes it different from other vests:
-Very minimalist feel: it’s lightweight, made from breathable material, and there isn’t much bulk to it. The only weight you feel is however much water you bring! It’s also made with very minimal material which is great when it’s hot outside and you don’t want that much fabric covering your front and back.

Adjustable to fit perfectly: it comes in two sizes and the buckles/straps across the front are adjustable. Plus, the straps on the sides can cinch down.

Minimal to no bounce: even with the water bottles full! They call it the “Lateral Stabilization Process.” There are three straps across the front in various places so the vest doesn’t move around or bounce on the run. With hydration belts, I hate the bounce on my butt while I run, so this is perfect!

Ready to bring ALL the water: it comes with two-12oz bottles and is bladder ready (i.e. there’s a pouch and a hole for a tube-pass through. It would fit a 2L water bladder).

Pockets galore: There are FOUR pockets with room to spare. The two on the front are great for snacks, gels and your phone and two on the back are great for keys, cards, and things you don’t need to access regularly while running. It seems every time I look at it I find another pocket! I can carry my phone, keys, snacks, gels, chapstick, credit card/cash/ID, kleenex and probably more.

-Bungee Cord On Back: Perfect for holding your extra layer, rain jacket or shell because when you’re on those long runs, you never know what you’ll need!

Jett-Squeeze Caps: this means it’s easy to drink water or other fluids while running; you just pop the top and squeeze to drink. I noticed that you can leave the caps “open” or popped when they’re in the pockets and because of the squeeze caps, water doesn’t leak out.

-Easy to clean: the bottles are super easy to clean and because of the minimalist fabric and the mesh material it’s made out of, the vest itself is easy to air dry and clean when necessary. Other vests I’ve had experience with don’t breathe and end up molding if you don’t clean them soon enough, so this is a HUGE bonus for me. When it does need a wash, you can throw it in the machine on the gentle or hand wash cycle and air dry!

Things To Look Out For:
-I did notice that I can’t wear mine with a tank top. Maybe it is just me and my size, but I did once and had some pretty decent rubbing and chaffing on my neck and shoulders. I don’t notice ANY rubbing when I wear regular t-shirts or long sleeves.

Overall/Personal Experience:
To steal the words from another BibRave Pro, “I will never need another hydration vest.” Seriously. This vest has met all of my needs and then some. I now choose this vest over my other hydration products (belts, handhelds, etc). It’s even giving me motivation to make my long runs even longer so I can feel justified taking the vest on the run. It will also be pretty useful on hikes that I may not want to carry a huge backpack on.

If you’re in the market for a vest or considering adding a hydration vest to your gear closet, THIS is a great option!

Get your own: This vest retails at $100. You can purchase it online or see what stores it’s at!

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(Blog Related) Movie Review – Desert Runners

My blog is not turning into a book or movie review blog but I do like to tell you about things that are related to my blog’s theme. Periodically I’ll review running, outdoorsy, fitness, or travel books and movies.

Being on a Dean Karnazes kick, there was mention somewhere (maybe I saw it on his website) about the movie “Desert Runners.” I think I might have misunderstood because I thought the movie was about him doing the desert marathons. It’s not. While he does have a 30-minute segment in the special features, the movie follows four people as they prepare and attempt the Grand Slam of the Desert Ultramarathons.

mv5bmtk4ntaznjizn15bml5banbnxkftztcwmzy3nzu2oq-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_“A diverse cast of non-professional runners attempt to complete the most-difficult ultramarathon race series on Earth. Their dramatic journey takes them across the World’s most picturesque yet brutal landscapes, pushing their bodies, hearts and spirits through a myriad of external and internal obstacles. DESERT RUNNERS delves into the mindset of ultra-athletes, and the complex ways in which human beings deal with both heartbreak and triumph.” – IMDB

The Desert Ultramarathon Series is comprised of four ultramarathons through the world’s toughest, most brutal deserts. The Grand Slam means doing all four in a single year. Each race is 250 km and takes 5 days. You are required to carry a backpack with all the items you need. Although I don’t have any desire right now to do an ultra race,  these events seem very appealing when it comes to the camaraderie and outdoors aspect. The fact that you spread out the 250 mile between five day and ou get to travel, on foot, into parts of the world not many get to see – that is all what makes these races look cool.

I really did enjoy the movie (except the part where they show the camera all their feet and disgusting foot ailments – I hate feet). It was very interesting and inspirational. My favorite “character” is the woman Samantha who was the youngest person and first woman to get a grand slam title. She overcomes a very scary situation, perseveres and continues on.


The extras with the film were almost more enjoyable than the film itself. The film director and cinematographer interviews are super interesting because they had to be in just as good of shape as the athletes to get all of the footage. There’s also an interview with Dean Karnazes about how he prepared for his grand slam (the first to do so) as well as fun view on how to pack your bag for a race like these!

I highly recommend this movie to any ultra runner, or any runner for that matter, if you’re looking for a run-spirational movie (see what I did there?).

Not available on streaming or DVD rental via Netflix, so I checked out my version from the library. The version I watched was the Director’s Special Edition and had the extra content including the interview with Dean Karnazes. You can find it for purchase on Amazon (affiliate link):

Visit the Desert Runner Website

About the races

Your turn: Have you heard of this race series? Done any of them? Would you do one of them??

Movie and Book Review – “UltraMarathon Man”

First off let me just say that I LOVE Dean Karnazes. He’s probably my favorite running persona and athlete. He’s a great role model and does great things for people through running. I definitely look up to him.

Book_5050I read “UltraMarathon Man” last year. I loved the book, but never got around to making a book review post. I had read Dean’s book “50/50 – Secrets I learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days” previously which is really where my appreciation for the athlete bloomed. You can find my review on that book HERE.

I decided to finally review “UltraMarathon Man,” the book, When my NetFlix delivered the movie to my mailbox. While this movie is more closely related to “50/50,” all the books and the movie tie together.

I  highly recommend reading one or both books and watching this movie if you are like me and in need of a little motivation and inspiration. He has one other book called “Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss” that I plan on picking up soon.

dvd-ummLet’s start with the movie, which was made in 2008. The movie follows Dean, his crew and family as they travel from marathon to marathon through the 50 states. You get to see candid shots of Dean as well as insights on why Dean does what he does.

I really like seeing Dean in action to complement the books I had already read. They also point the camera on other athletes who speak on their own running as well as why they follow Dean.

One of my favorite lines is spoken by another runner, Mike Huckabee, the governor (at the time) of Arkansas at Marathon #4: “I think what Dean is doing is pretty amazing and the inspiration that he is giving to everybody – that if he can run 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states, then every american can do at least 50 minutes of exercise three or four times a week and get healthy.”

There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in this movie, and not just from Dean. He tells the stories of other runners he has met along the way, including a then 53-year-old woman who had run 50 marathons in the last three years and beaten cancer all at the same time. WOW!

ultramarathonmanThe book, written in 2006, is everything up to his 50 states challenge. He chronologically explains his running career from high school, to the absence of running for about 14 years, to how he got started again and started running ultramarathons. He follows his passion and took what he loved to find out how to make it part of his life. Now, not only does he get paid for it, but he uses it running to help others in need. And that’s truly inspiring to me. I can only hope that this can happened for me and for others.

This man, this athlete, is an animal! But it’s not just his athletic greatness that inspires others and myself.  He’s down to earth. He’s very motivating if so because he is so charismatic. He’s a genuinely nice guy and always running for a cause. We see in “UltraMarathon Man” the book, that he runs a relay race (meant for a team of 6 to 12) by himself all to raise money and awareness so a little girl could have an organ transplant.

“I always not wanted this to be about me”, Dean says in the movie, “not about one runner trying to prove something to the world. I wanted it to be about inclusion, about bringing people together. About uniting people and celebrating health.”

Yes, it’s true, I did get inspiration to run all 50 states from Dean, but I hope emulate the same inspiration. If I can just inspire one person to start running, not for the sake of running, but for the sake of being healthier, I would be happy. I can only hope to meet him someday and hopefully I’ll mumble something that sounds like “you’re my hero.”

I sit here writing this post while the move plays again in the background thinking to myself how all I want to do is get outside and run (despite the wind) and wondering why my stomach aches and my muscles hurt. Wondering if I should attempt to run right this second or wait to heal up. Nevertheless, I AM truly inspired. Not just to start running again and keep striving for my goals, but also to get healthier and stronger so I can complete and COMPETE for my dreams.

The movie ends with Dean finishing all 50 states and afterwards, what does he do? Runs. Just goes, without a distance goal, without a map and runs with his voiceover: “Follow your heart. Do what you love. The hardest thing for people to do is take that leap of faith.”

“I’m just doin’ what I love” -Dean Karnazes



YOUR TURN: Has anyone else seen this movie or read his books?? More curiously, who is your running idol??

Dean’s Website – All about the athlete from this training to nutrition and all his books and tour dates.