1st Third Of 2019 – Updates

Well, my monthly update posts didn’t continue from 2018, but I’d like to keep my blog as updated as possible….

While this blog is supposed to a focus on my lifestyle with racing (running in general) and wandering (travel), this year hasn’t brought much of either of these things. However, 2019 is bringing a lot of different type of adventures, one in particular! This July we are expecting a baby boy to join us in this crazy household – whether we’re ready or not. 😉

If you missed my announcement from my end of the year post, SURPRISE! Yes, I am pregnant! We know it’s a boy and his due date is July 4th! We are busy preparing for this little one while stressing about what life will become and the changes to our jobs, finances and more. It has been quite a stressful start to the year trying to figure things out, get the house ready (yes, it’s still a construction zone around here), all while balancing my many jobs. With all that, I haven’t been writing in my blog, barely have been posting to social media, and haven’t had time to hang out with many of my friends socially.

As for running…
While there are tons of strong women out there that run all through pregnancy, that has NOT been in the cards for me. Frankly, it just feels weird for me and kinda hurts, plus my heart rate goes from 65 to 130 instantly (which isn’t a great thing for pregnancy)! So, as much as I imagined being that super cute, running pregnant lady, alas, I am not. I see lots of happy running women on my Instagram feed and they make it look so easy! But for me, it is just not working.

For the first half of pregnancy, I didn’t have much “morning sickness,” just a lot of nausea,  and was trying to exercise regularly between walking, the elliptical and weight training, but as pregnancy progressed (and my work schedule got 100x more busy with the start of track season) I have not been exercising as much and it has been hard to start back up. Nevermind the fact that I am SO TIRED and UNCOMFORTABLE! In the past few weeks I have been trying to walk more and get some hikes in to stay somewhat healthy and as to not have to start from ground zero after the baby comes (because I do want to get back to running as soon as I can – I miss it).

As for the travel part of this blog…
That has also not been in the cards for us for a while; since last year really. We haven’t been able to take much time off with all our jobs, and with home renovations, pregnancy, and finances, it’s been pretty tough to get in any type of travel, even small local trips. We did get a chance to go to Florida for a wedding (thanks to Ben’s family) and snuck in a trip to Epcot, Disney World.

And for the rest….
Yes, I am still working three jobs (helping Ben with our own business, Golden Mountain Guides, marketing and race directing for 3W Races, and coaching high school track and cross country.). It was a tough end of the year in 2018 and into 2019 for Golden Mountain Guides as we try some new pricing and marketing things, but we’re figuring it out. My other main job has some troubles I won’t get into on this blog and track has been a little more stressful this year than it should be….but we’re making it through! We still have our priorities in sight and our minds on our goals and are working every day to keep positive! No matter how stressful homelife is and finances are, we know that it will get better as long as we keep working on it and wont give up.

The first third of the year was not how we expected 2019 to start, but we’re working through!

-I worked every weekend day this month.
-Between timing and race directing (sometimes both on the same day!), that was 9 separate running events I worked. Woof! That was tiring.
-Pre-Season Track also started this month.
-I also got to attend the CHSCA (Colorado High School Coaches Association) clinic and listen to some cool speakers.

And a lot of those races were FREEZING cold to work!

-The weekend working streak keeps going through February until the last weekend.
-We do get to go to Florida! Ben’s family helped us travel so we could attend his cousin’s wedding!
-While we’re there, we get to sneak a day at Disney World and we went to Epcot! We also visited the beach, Disney Springs, the town of Celebration and play some putt-putt golf. It was a much need break after working so much the previous two months.
-The end of February marks the official start of the Track season!

-The running job scene starts to slow down this month, and I only work four events this month.
-Track season is well under swing and the meets start to ramp up!
-I get to hang out with some of my family members that involve dinners and maternity clothes shopping!

Sometimes this is want coaching looks like

-We like to call this “angry April” in track because there are a TON of track meets.
-I race direct one event this month.
-And have lots of Golden Mountain Guides meetings.
-We celebrate both my birthday and Ben’s birthday
-And we also get to celebrate Ben’s sister new addition with her baby shower!
-Then, right at the end, Ben and I are both a part of our friend’s wedding celebration. We get to be part of bachelorette and bachelor parties, a bridal hike, rehearsal dinner and a wedding ceremony in the snow!

As we get into May, I’m a little over two months from baby boy being born and growing more and more nervous (as well as literally growing more and more). We are working on finishing up the nursery and getting prepared at work for maternity leave.

As for the blog, for now, you can probably expect random, sporadic posts, info on how pregnancy, work, and our house is going and probably posts that I have started and never finished as I go through my drafts folder of this blog! I hope you all stay along for the ride, even as Racing and Wandering turns into Less Racing and Wandering and adventures with a kiddo!

2017 In Review

Looking back on 2017

2017 has probably been one of the worst and one of the best years I’ve ever had in my entire life.

It was most definitely one of the busiest years I have ever experienced. But it had a lot of fun moments.

It was definitely the most stressful year. But it was rewarding.

Grand Teton National Park

There were a lot of tears. And a lot of smiles.

There were times I wanted to quit everything and give up. And times that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

It was one of those years.

A lot of the bad included losing a step-grandparent, stressful home/work life balance, a tragedy within our cross country team, hail damage with a shifty, unethical car repair shop, loss of two pets, and probably more that I have repressed.

The good included a lot of travel, realizing love sees no bounds, a successful second year for Golden Mountain Guides, being part of five weddings and lots of time with family and friends.

I really am ready for a new year, carrying lessons from this year.

Here are some highlights from the past year…

January… started off slow. I started training to be a race director, track pre-season started, I started my #60HikesDenverChallenge (trying to hike/run all 60 trails in the 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Denver Book), we did a little bit of snowboarding and I did yoga challenge.

Walden Ponds, Boulder. Start of my #60HikesDenverChallenge

February…I did my first race as the sole Race Director (the Heart Throb 5k in Longmont), track season really starts, and we went to see the Mummies exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

See me in the background?? Literally holding back the flag from the wind as the race started. Sometimes race directors do some random tasks.

March…Ran the Erin Go Braugh 7.77k (my favorite of all the races the company I work for produces), and went to a Bridal Shower for Ben’s sister (which means wedding madness for the year starts).

Oh yeah, my outfit was AWESOME!

April… lots of work between all my jobs and my birthday month (wooo… 30 – that’s sarcasm in case you’re curious). But 30 did come with a zombie-themed escape room (we didn’t escape, for the record).

May… was full of the State Track & Field meet (one of my jumpers missed state by just a few inches – literally), running of the Bolder Boulder, and got hired for my first freelance writing job (10Hikes.com)

June…a ton of hiking (for my #60HikesChallenge and 10Hikes.com), a typical bachelorette party, and the first wedding of the year (Ben’s youngest sister) gets married. I also got a spot on a Ragnar Trail Snowmass team at the last second.

July… brought wedding #2 (Ben’s Cousin), a trip to Pennsylvania, lots of work (finished up my first 10Hikes project which reviewed the 10 best hikes in the Denver Region), and another Bridal shower (for my friend this time).

August...included another bridal shower (Ben’s other sister), a Trip to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, a bachelorette Pary in New Orleans, and Cross Country season starts.

September… Held wedding #3 (my friend), I race directed my biggest race yet (a 500 person 5k), and two trips to Moab with Ben (one for scouting and back again for guiding a 12-women group).

October…was wedding #4 (Ben’s other sister), I finished up my second freelance writing project (reviewing the 10 best hikes for Rocky Mountain Nation Park which is not live online yet), we did another Moab trip, we travelled to Florida and on a cruise for wedding #5 and I ran the Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon.

November…Cross Country season had ended but work with the running company picked up for our biggest race of the year (Broomfield Turkey Day 5k/10k). Then Thanksgiving brings some nice time in Estes Park as we prepare for the holiday season.

Relaxing in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake

December…here we are, in December. This is when we try and play catch up with all of our jobs. Christmas was busy travelling between all of our families and we travelled up to North Dakota to see my friend and her new baby (baby #2 for her) and on to Dakota, IL for New Years and to visit Ben’s Grandparents. We even hit up TWO National Monuments on the way!

In the beginning of 2017, I set a few goals to focus on for the year. Let’s see how I did….

Running Goals –
1. To love running again (I do enjoy the sport again, but I’m not on a meticulous plan; I’ve going a week or more between runs sometimes.)
2. And work my way through hiking/running all 60 trails in the “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles” Denver Edition (I got 17 of the 60 done. I did take on a freelance writing job involving hiking for 10hikes.com which involved hikes that are not in this book. I hiked 50+ different hikes this year. Maybe 60 was pushing it, but not bad for how busy the year was.

Other fitness –
I like to be active in general and play in the great outdoors, but I have one specific goal in mind:
3. Climb 5.10s consistently (I got ONE 5.10 done!)
3a. I guess that means I better start strength training regularly again…too. (Well, I definitely worked out more than I did the previous year, but not as much as I had hoped. I did climb a 5.10 in the gym just a few weeks ago, which felt pretty good.)

Career –
4. I would like to see more clients with Golden Mountain Guides than last year
5. Learn more about the tourism industry, in particular, marketing. (We did see more clients than last year! It’s pretty awesome to see your own company grow! And I did learn  a little bit more about tourism, mostly through our own company.)

Other –
6. Travel to FIVE new places, in or out of Colorado. (Check X5! See above and all the travel we did this year! We even made it to at least 8 National Parks of Monuments).
7.  Learn about a new topic every month. (This gets 1/4 green. We started out strong, learning about Egyptian History, oceans, and I took a month to study Jumps Coaching (track and field). But as our business got busier, we put this one hold, only to pick it up in November, studying Mayan History)

Overall, I am truly glad this year is coming to a close. I’m ready for a “new start” of sorts in 2018.

Chasm Lake – One of my favorite photos from 2017.

Travels in Maine

When I originally started this blog, I had intended it to be about running, fitness AND traveling! Because I want to run a race in every state, I wanted to write about my adventures in those states. I have since gotten off track, but I would like to share with you all a little bit about my most recent travels!

Maine in a Nutshell:


If I had to describe Maine in one word I would choose: Beautiful! If I was allowed to use more than one word: Maine is absolutely gorgeous and incredible! The landscape is breathtaking even when it’s cloudy and foggy. The colors are fantastic: 50 shades of GREEN, would be what a book on Maine would be called.  There are millions of reflective bodies of water: bordering the land, in the land, running through the land! It’s oh so wonderful! The buildings are rich with history and grace that make them beautiful all in their own. Like it says on their license plates: Maine really is the vacationland! (Disclaimer: I still would never trade my Colorado for anything. Maine and Colorado are two different types of pretty; incomparable in my opinion, and I would choose Colorado, hands down, without thought).

I spent about a week on vacation, the last two days of my vacation were driving through New Hampshire and Vermont. I really didn’t get to see much of New Hampshire through the rain. It looked pretty similar to Maine, which is still wonderful.  I did drive through the White Mountain National Park and had heard it was very pretty; there was signs for waterfall hikes that I would like to check out in the future.

On Saturday, May 18th, I flew into Portland, Maine. My flight was…fine…I think. I slept for most of it since it was a 6am flight from Denver. I arrived, got my rental car and drove off into the sunset. Ok, not really, but you get the idea. It all went pretty smooth. The first weekend, I did the Sugarloaf 15K. Once I was finished with that race, I made my way back to a town called Freeport, which is just north of Portland. Along the way, I passed through historic looking towns, admiring the buildings until I randomly found a restaurant I wanted to stop and eat at. I made a good choice eating at the Sunset Grille in the town of Belgrade Lakes; I couldn’t point to it on a map, even if you asked me too. I had my first taste of the sea food in Maine and indulged in a Crab Roll. MMMMMmmm..

DSCN3507Anyway, Freeport is where my friend and her fiancé were staying, at a friend of theirs’ old victorian house. They offered me room and board for a few days, which I greatly appreciated.

That is NOT a beer on the boat. ;)

That is NOT a beer on the boat. 😉

That night, I was taken on a boat ride in the bay AND I got to drive the boat!

The following day was the last day of freedom before I was required by the bride; I was the maid of honor after all. So I took my last free day to take my rental car up northeast to Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island (often pronounced Dessert).  I was told this was the place to see and I will agree with that statement. It was unbelievably pretty…and that’s saying something because it was raining, cloudy and foggy the whole day. I really want to go back and see this place when it’s sunny and bright out!


Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.03.10 PM

Acadia National Park is a three and half hour drive from Portland.  I would assume the drive is just as pretty as the rest of the state, but it rained the entire way, so I couldn’t see much out the windows (are you getting the picture that there was a lot of rain on my trip??). I drove up and around, through Bangor (please reserve your jokes) and into the park. The lady at the visitor’s center was super helpful, said she was sorry it was rainy, but pointed me in a good tour route. I figure this map on the left with the numbers was the best way to show you around Acadia national Park. I think what I liked best about the whole island was that people actually lived there – It was just amazingly pretty, and just seemed like a wonderful, story book place to live. I’d live there too, if I could.

DSCN32521. Southwest Harbor: Here you will see the weather that I dealt with my entire day. But never-the-less, I still had fun. And it was all still really pretty.

DSCN32622. After quickly jumping out of my car to take a pic of the harbor, I drove down to the south most point of the Island to check out the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. I’ve always liked lighthouses….well, I’ve always liked pictures of light houses, since I had never seen one in person. I think they’re really cool. So, I finally got to check one out up close and personal. (I did get closer than what this picture shows).

DSCN32773. Next on my stop was Echo Lake. Normally, the lake is open for swimming and playing on the beach, but this day, I was the only one brave enough to venture out into the mist. I could totally picture having a fun beach day here, very cosy area.

DSCN33194. If you follow around on the map, I next stopped at the Sand Beach, another place people usually have fun in the sun with the ocean as their pool. No one was taking a dip in the water today, but the views were still gorgeous. There was a cute couple watching me take selfies on the beach and offered to take my picture in exchange for me taking their’s.

DSCN33745. If you guys ever go to Acadia, you have to stop by Thunder Hole.  This place was recommended by two friends of mine that grew up in the state. With a low tide, the water comes rushing into a pocket formed by the rocks and creates a loud, thundering noise (hence the name). Just beware, this is the touristy spot, so it was pretty crowded. A nice paved path leads right down to the “hole” and there was a ton of people, even on this cloudy day. I’m more the type of person that likes to stay off the beaten path were there’s less travelers.

DSCN33916. Otter point. This is a a 110 ft cliff on a little peninsula off the island. Supposedly, it’s to be one of the best views of the park. Check this webpage out to see what it looks like on a good day.

DSCN34067. Next on my journey was Jordan Pond. The fog elicted some pretty cool pictures of this area. It gave it a creepy, spooky feel, but I really liked it. Must be all the scary movies I watch. The forest had fog dripping in and out and the pond looked like something out of the Lord of the Rings.  I think there’s some trails that run around this area, but I chose not to venture too far being by myself and because of the fog.

DSCN34188. Something fun to do in the future would be to take the carriage ride they have here. It runs from the Jordon Pond House (which I didn’t go in, but they have a little restaurant) and loops up through to forest to this area called the Bubble Pond. This was a cute little pond with picnic tables to lunch at and a classy bridge that the carriage goes over. It’s called bubble pond because you’re supposed to be able to see the two Bubble Mountains, North and South Bubble. I was told that was a really good area to hike around, but I elected not to stop at the mountains because I knew I wouldn’t see anything. DSCN3424

9. Ah, Cadilliac Mountains! Breath taking views of the surrounding island and ocean! Oh wait. I can’t see anything. Cadilliac Mountain 1500 feet above sea level and is the FIRST place in the United States to see the sunrise (from Oct. 7th to March 6th, of course, ya know the whole tilted axis of the earth thing) and you’re supposed to be able to see everything all around from the ocean, mainland, the City nearby… This is a  picture to show you what I was SUPPOSED to be looking at and what I ACTUALLY saw. Oh well, at least the drive up and down the mountain was fun!!

DSCN343910. The drive up and down brought curvy, fast roads that left some fun views of the island (once out of the fog) and the rock with waterfalls along side the road. After leaving the mountain, I decided to head “home.” If I had more time or had company, I would have probably stopped to eat in the sea side town of Bar Harbor which is supposed to have good restaurants and shops.

My favorite picture from the park

My favorite picture from the park

On my way back, I took the long way home, closer to the coast, to check out some light houses:


IMAG1697 2

The rest of the week pretty much all involved wedding stuff. I got my first look at Peak’s Island on Tuesday when the bride to be had to take some stuff over and the couple had their last meeting with the wedding planners. Pretty classy that my friends were getting married on an island. It was beautiful venue! We followed up with sushi at local joint called Sushi Sappuro. MMMMMMmmm……. it was good!


Wednesday commenced the bachelorette party festivities. Before meeting up with the rest of the ladies, my friend Steph and her fiance took me to see the most photographed light house.

That's me and my friend, Steph, the bride.

That’s me and my friend, Steph, the bride.

Yes, I am a dork!

Yes, I am a dork!

DSCN3560We started the bachelorette party off with a Lucky Catch lobster cruise! It was a blast!! I highly recommend doing something like this if you ever get the chance. Basically, we had a private tour on the Lucky Catch Boat and they took us out in the harbor, off the coast of Portland, to pull up lobster traps, check to see if there was any good lobsters to keep and then re-bait the traps. I know what you’re thinking…A lobster catch at a bachelorette party??! The bride loves the show the “Deadliest Catch” and we thought she would love to do something like this. Sure enough, she had a blast, as did the rest of us.DSCN3556

We cleaned up from the lobster smell and headed out for dinner at a restuarant called the White Cap Grill. Very delicious! And then we hit the town! I made a scavenger hunt of things we had to find, take pictures of or do. Everyone seemed to enjoy crossing things off the list. I wont shouldn’t show you any of those pictures….there MAY have been drinking, a lot of drinking, involved…maybe….

The next morning was a rough one. From that morning on out I felt like I was on a boat. At first, I thought it was just the hangover. But actually, this vertigo feeling lasted for about a month after my vacation as well. Has that ever happened to anyone??? I think it was from all the traveling…from being in a car, literally on boats, up and down elevators, planes, running….. It gave me prolonged vertigo. I actually had it a little when running my marathon, but I didn’t write about it, cause I knew it would be confusing, and it didn’t bother me too much during the race…maybe because I was concentrating on, ya know, running the race.

Anyway, that morning, we drug our butts out of bed for the bridal brunch. I forget where we had breakfast at, but it was delicious as well. In fact, I didn’t have one bad meal while I was out there!

After delicious nom noms, the rest of the ladies went to have their toes or nails painted or some kind of girly stuff like that. I went on a little walk about around Portland. I had some coffee at a local coffee joint, looked at some of the old buildings and shopped wished I could buy things at the local stores.

DSCN3601Being the day before the wedding, we all needed to get to the island at some point. I decided to catch an early Ferry to Peak’s Island. I happened to get on the ferry with the men of the bridal party and final got to meet the groomsmen. Once over there, I quickly changed, plugged in my ear phones and laced up my tennis shoes. I FINALLY was able to get a run in; i.e. it finally wasn’t actively raining. Oh, it was foggy and misty, but it didn’t rain until the end of my run.

Peak’s Island has a road that goes all the way around, making it about 3.5 miles around. I wont talk about the run too much, I would like to do a seperate blog post – it was definiely one of my most favorite runs I have ever been on; like something out of the special “Rave Run” section of Runner’s World.


I’m definitely jealous of the Islands habitants. Meanwhile, the ladies got back from their girly outings and we all met up for the Rehersal and Dinner. Here, it was truely time for me to demonstrate my maid of honor duties. To be truthful, I was super nervous…I’m not very good at stuff like this. I’m not very girly, I rarely even wear dresses, and I’m not the biggest fan of weddings (don’t ask – I’m not against marriage by any means, but I just don’t like weddings).  However, it’s a very huge honor to be asked to be someone’s maid of honor. I felt bad becasue I wasn’t able to help much living in a different state and not having much time due to school and work. Oh well, it is what it is, right?

Most of us turned in early that night, but being a night owl, I stayed up and chatted with some of the other wedding party people. I eventually went to bed. The next morning was…..great….! Yeah! I can tell you I learned a lot about girly things. Did you know there’s a spray that once you’re done with your makeup, you spray your face to make your makeup stay longer? It’s true. Weird, huh?

I can clean up nice! And I do occasionally wear dresses....

I can clean up nice! And proof of me in a dress….

All the ladies crowded into the “spa” while we got ready. It was a loooooong process. Shesh! I was one of the THE first lady ready. So I just helped out where I was needed, checked if the bride needed anything, and took pictures of my glammed up self.

Finally it was time! Funny thing about weddings; so much time and preparation for such a short event.

It unfortunately rained during the ceremony, so it was moved inside; but it was still very elegant. Dinner was served under the tent with beautiful chinese lanterns draping down the ceiling. Once we finished eating, we all danced away the night! Sorta. We had to be done by a certain time to catch the last ferry back to Portland. Now, THAT was a sight to see! Everyone in fancy dresses hauling luggage down the hill, in the rain, boarding the ferry. We caught a shuttle back to the hotel and then hit the town! YES, in our bridesmaid dress and the bride in her gown! I thought it was brilliant and fun. When else am I going to wear that dress!? I paid for it (most of it) I might as well get the most out of it! We hit up a few local pubs and then finished at a bar with dancing.

We felt pretty special – the couple hired photographers from their town, so basically, they were ours for the weekend; it was like we had our own poporatzi while we walked from bar to bar. Probably the only time I’ll ever feel that important!

The next morning, feeling like I was on a boat still with my vertigo, I woke up pretty early and made my journey to Vermont…and you pretty much know the story from there. (If you don’t, you can read it here, here and here).

steph's wedding

Tuesday Newsday is BACK!

I know you all missed Tuesday Newsdays….I’m bringing it back to life because….(drum roll please….)….I picked another marathon to train for and have begun training!!!!!!

AND, it’s going to be out of state! Woot woot! I’m also announcing something else that I might do that’s pretty crazy. But first things first:

This May, I will already have to be in Maine to serve as one of my best friend’s Maid of Honor. I’m pretty honored (no pun intended) to be chosen even if I do have a million and a half anti-marriage jokes. However, I’m super happy for this couple because I know they are going last, are perfect for each other, and are the definition of how relationships should be.

Anyway, Since I will already have to take off time from work and school, I figured I might as well take just a couple more days and do a race (…or two 😉 while I’m out there).

So, I decided to just make it a full, and my FIRST, marathon!!! There’s a few reasons I decided to pick a marathon. 1) I’m ready to just go for it! 2) For my Racing the States project, I initially didn’t care about the distance of the race; now, however, I’m really enjoying the half marathon length, and think it would be cool to have a medal from every state. Obviously, if I’m in a state for something and there’s no halfs – or fulls – available, I’ll pick something less, but like I said, I really like the idea of having a medal from each state. And 3) Around the time that I’m out there, there isn’t too many race options. The race I picked has a marathon and an 15k option…strange combo, I think. So, why not go with the full marathon!?

Alright…the crazy part…..I THINK I’m going to do another marathon the following weekend as well………….

I’ll let that sink in for a little bit  longer……………………………

Here, you can look at this pretty picture I took on a run last week while you let that info sink in.

Here's a pretty picture taken on one of my runs to look at while to take that info in

This is my regular run lake all frozen over for the winter.

I know, I know! It’s pretty insane in general to do two marathons in a week, especially for it being my first two, but here’s the crazy thought process: I’m going to be in Maine already…and there’s a few other little states nearby, right? I might as well knock of TWO States while I’m on vacation, right!? But there’s no sane combo. I’m out there the weekends of  May 18th/19th and the 25th/26th…I’ve tried every combo I could find. I’ve landed on doing a marathon in Maine the weekend before, and one in Vermont the weekend after the wedding. There’s not any good races in New Hampshire that whole week anyway!

If I chose a race in Vermont the weekend before, there wouldn’t be a good race to choose for after and vise versa (unless there’s anyone that lives out there that has more race info than I’m finding on runningintheusa.com, please let me know…half marathon distance preferred).

Here’s my justification of this insanity: 1) I’ve already gone through a majority of a training plan not that long ago. I learned what to do and not to do for the most part. 2) I have new shoes. 3) My goal is just to finish. I’m not trying to kill myself and BQ my first time out; I’m not that awesome. And 4) Call this the jealousy factor, but a friend of mine that I got into running is soon starting a marathon training plan (without taking the step to a half first) and I’m going to be pretty upset if she completes a marathon before me. That’s pretty rude thinking, huh? But I try to be an honest person, and that’s how I feel. Would something like this bother anyone else? Running is my thing out of all my friend/family/people I know, and I absolutely LOVE that I have sparked someone else’s interest in the wonderful sport, but running is the only thing I have, that I’m good at, and that’s all mine…if that makes sense. Although reason #4 is a only a small factor; I was already thinking about this marathon before this friend told me she was running one as well. (Hopefully I didn’t create too much drama with that statement, but like I said, I do like to be honest and not keep things bottled up).

Well….with that said….

Let me have it! What are your opinions??? The race I’m doing in Maine has a 15k race too…should I just shoot for the marathon the weekend after the wedding and do a small race before (and just not have a medal/half or full in that state), just so I don’t, ya know, kill myself or something?? Or just go for it!? (Side note: both races are relatively cheap for marathons..and I already have to fly out there…the only thing I might add is potentially a rental car). (Side note number two: I’m really leaning towards just going for it!)

I’ll be training for a marathon no matter what decision I make – whether it’s one or two. I starting thinking about all of this at just about 18 weeks out, so I took that as a sign to officially start training. There are a few things I’m going to do different this time, especially if I do decided to do both:

1. Count correctly. Remember how I was off by like 3 weeks last time?? Yeah, not happening again. I’ve already counted, and recounted about 500 times.

2. Foam roll more! Literally, like, every day! Especially that damn IT band (aka the Tensor Fascia Latae muscle…..yep, learned that in school!) This should hopefully prevent and knee pain and just help me my recover time in general.

3. Ice more! And stop being a pansy about it. I should start ice bathing after those long runs. We’ll see if I actually can – especially during the winter; after my foot injury a few months ago, I tried to ice bathe it, and I couldn’t even last 5 seconds. No joke. I remember in high school when I sprained my ankle, I was had to hold it in ice water for 5 minutes straight. I must have been tougher back then.

4. Massage the bottom of my feet more. By this I mean, use the ol’ tennis ball or lacrosse ball on the bottom of my feet to prevent any injuries that may arise (again). I just bought some lacrosse balls from work and tried it last night…it felt amazing!!

So, there you have it! You may be thinking I’m crazy (I’m curious what my Mom will say!). After I hear what people say, I’ll announce the races I plan on doing later this week. Let me know what you all think. I THINK two marathons is doable, with the right mind set and training efficiently. After all, I am in Personal Training school…what better training and information can you get!?

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