Tuesday Newsday – 7/23

I have some GREAT news for this Tuesday Newsday!!!

1. Guess what!?! I. QUIT. MY. JOB. That’s right!!! You’ve probably seen me write multiple times about how much I hated my job, well, after a few borderline sexual harassment comments, a night of yelling and cussing, I did what I have never done before, and I walked out on my job – without two weeks notice. At first I was freaking out and I didn’t want my family or anyone else to think I’m stupid for not having a back up plan, but after explaining what went down, everyone was glad I got out of there. My mom even saying, “That man is out of control!”  I could write 5+ long blog posts about things I didn’t like, things my old boss would say, the horrible way that business was run and managed…but this blog is about running, so I wont get into that. All you guys need to know is that that man was not just a horrible boss, but a negative, rude person and on top of him in general, the weird night hours and not ever knowing what time I would be getting off in a given night, the clientele, and the influence of the day clinic we rented out was really taking a tole of my physical and emotional health. 

2. News number two: I GOT A NEW JOB! Yeah, the same week – because I’m awesome like that! I really lucked out! I knew I was already planning on putting my two weeks notice in, so I had an interview already lined up last week. After the crazy comments said to me, two weeks notice became two seconds notice, and I went into my interview with the notion that I HAD to get it. I interviewed on Wednesday, came in for a working interview on Thursday, started my NEW job on Friday. The owner told me that she really liked my energy and thought I would get along really well there. So far, so good! I do like it there (even though, I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch), and everyone seems really nice. It is still is a veterinary clinic, but they actually specialize half in the holistic/chinese medicine kinda of things (aka, treating with herbs first to attack the underlying problem rather than the symptoms) which is really interesting to learn that side of veterinary medicine. The only problem I have with this new place is they listen to country music. BLEH!

3. Anyway, in the near future, I’d like to split Tuesday Newsday into partly an accountability post for myself. When I start marathon training, part of Tuesdays will be to go over the last weeks training and see how I did and what I can improve on.

4.  So here goes the accountability: I wrote a couple weeks ago that I wanted to start weight training again. Well, that has barely happened, and by barely, I mean, I lifted once, with my household weights. Due to the busy-ness and stressfulness of the last two weeks (I was also house sitting through all the crazy job stuff), I haven’t had a chance to physically go to the gym. I really have noticed I feel a lot more weak than I have, and I’d like to get my muscle tone back. After starting the new job, I found a 24 hour fitness right on the way home from the new clinic which is PERFECT in more ways than one (I can now avoid the ex’s gym lol). So, my goal for this week is to go to the gym and lift today after work and Thursday.

5. Another goal I have is to stretch more!! Preferably twice a day, but let’s just start with once a day to get into the habit. I usually stretch after running, though sometime its half-assed. I’ve done pretty well this last week and taken a good chunk of time to stretch after running, but on the few days I don’t run, I haven’t been stretching which I think needs to change. My muscles feel really tight lately, and to improve my running and prepare for marathon training I think I need to get in this habit.

6. The Wild West Relay is in a week and a half! I’m getting kinda nervous! I chose the second highest amount of running out of the whole group – am I insane!?  I’ll have to do a pre-race review for this and talk all about it.

However, last but not least I would like to mention one last thing:

Seeing as I am from Colorado, I’d like to take a second to say that my heart and my thoughts go out to the victims and their families that were involved in the Aurora Theater Shooting. When I heard this news, it made me really sad. I can’t even imagine what was going through people’s minds that were there. It’s too close to home for me and just brings back memories of me being in the 6th grade, hearing the news about the Columbine tragedy, a school in my school district. The whole incident last Friday just is so horrifying. I can’t even imagine!

Tuesday Newsday – 7/17

I have a lot of exciting news for this Tuesday Newsday!

Just practicing another way to survive the zombie apocalypse

1. I went rock climbing outside for the first time on Sunday! I’ve been wanting to get into the sport, and my friend Shay (check her blog out here – I love her work – writing, poems, photography and friendship) has been teaching me. I’ve been officially learning for a short while.  A few months ago, she taught me a few things at an indoor climbing wall, but due to schedule conflicts, we haven’t been able to practice more. Finally, last Sunday, we got out to Boulder Canyon where’s there’s a plethora of climbs!

I only got to do one climb because it started raining, and even though it stopped shortly, the rocks were wet/slippery, so we decided to hike out. It was a 10b level, and even though I don’t know much about climbing, I guess everyone was pretty impressed that I did a 10b for my first time out! (For the non-rock climbers, a 5.9 would be a moderately difficult climb, and I did 5.10b – all the levels stuff is still a little confusing to me – here’s a break down of the difficulty grades) So, I was pretty proud and excited of my accomplishment and I REALLY want to do it more.

Next step is to buy my own gear so I don’t have to keep borrowing people’s! How come every hobby I decide to pick up is expensive!?

2. I’ve been waiting to post a Jingle in July (my Alaska race) post race recap because they’ve taken FOREVER to put up the race results, but finally yesterday, they listed them, and my post is going to be pretty awesome (hint: I set a new PR!)

3. My most favorite news for today: I made a rash decision and signed up for a race. Not just any race. A race that goes from Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs. I first heard of this race from Amy over at Lavender Parking, who I actually met when I went down to New Mexico. It’s the Wild West Relay!!! She was originally going to do it but changed her mind. When I saw her post about the decision to not do it, I thought to myself, well, then there must be an opening on the team. I’ve always wanted to experience a relay race, so this was my chance. I contacted Amy, she contact the team captain, and we all exchanged info. Ironically, it was only 2 days before the deadline was due that I learned of this opening. If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what its! I agreed to do it. The race is friday August 3rd-4th and covers 200 miles!!!

I’m not going to lie though, I’m kinda nervous. I picked the leg that has three 7 mile runs…I chose this set because on of them goes in Wyoming…am I allowed to count that as my Wyoming race??? Lol! Even if it does count, I already plan on doing the Mud Chug in WY later this year. Anyway, I’m nervous because after reading all the email exchanges, it seems like everyone on my team is well experienced, and I think I might be the youngest as well. If anyone has advice for preparing for these type of events PLEASE SHARE! I’m sure i’ll be fine on the actually physical running part, it’s all the prep/packing/mental stuff I don’t know much about. I’m sure I’ll write a whole post dedicated to this race next week.

4. I actually can’t think of a 4th thing. Hope everyone’s week goes well! Don’t forget to send and relay race advice my way!! : )