Long Over Due… Updates

Well, it looks like my last post was in August. And it was only a book review.

Dang. Where has the time gone? August, September, November and now we’re into DECEMBER!? Geez!

I just wanted to post that I’m still here! I’m still writing. I’m still travelling. And I’m still running (mostly). Somehow I’ve managed to fit those things in with all the work I’ve been doing. Sorta.

In August, cross country started in full swing, I went to New Orlean’s for a bachelorette party, and worked four races.

What else do you do in New Orleans??

September, I worked A LOT, somehow got out to Moab, TWICE, for a scouting mission and guided trip for Golden Mountain Guides, and attended a friend of our’s wedding in Estes Park.

Scouting some canyoneering

October brought more work, finishing up the cross country season (we went to State!!), another trip to Moab for Golden Mountain Guides, two more weddings (one on a Cruise Ship) and a Florida/Cruise vacation. Somewhere in there, I managed to finish up a second freelance job for 10Hikes.com.

Hiking Chasm Lake for 10Hikes.com in Rocky Mountain National Park

We got back from our Cruise in November, work got busy with the running company as we geared up for our Thanksgiving Day Race, our biggest of the year, and we finally got to relax after the Holiday in Estes Park.

Relaxing in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake

So here we are, in December, and I am trying to get back to some of my hobbies that have been shoved to the back burner and covered up with a kitchen towel.

Well, that sounds dangerous.

2015 In Review

(Please excuse as typos or grammar mistakes. I really wanted to get this post out before I left of a vacation adventure! So, I didn’t have much time to edit!)

Hello all! I know it’s been awhile, but I’m still here..I’m alive! Returning to the blogging world just in time for a 2015 Review!


Oof. What a mess. I feel like 2015 was kinda of messy…I don’t know what happened. I’m not saying it was a bad year, not at all, just that if you look straight at my New Year’s resolutions, I didn’t get much done! Or at each individual aspect of my life, running in particular, it’s just messy.

In reality, I did A LOT this year, and 2015 was GREAT OVERALL!

Looking back at 2015…the fine print…

Here’s the resolutions I set at the beginning of the year:

PR for the Half Marathon Well, that didn’t happen! I ran TWO half marathons this year and was no where near a PR.

-I would love a PR in the 5K as well. Nope, not this either! I ran a ton of 5ks, but no where near a PR for me!

-I want to ramp up my running fitness, get back in to what I call “half marathon shape.” This happened, but not 100%. I definitely changed my running fitness and trained like I never have before, but definitely not to “half marathon shape.”

I want to run at least 1000 miles. I ran WAY more than I did in 2014, but not quite 1000. My total for 2015 is 733.32, plus or minus about 25 or so miles. If anything, I would say I missed a couple in my log book. That’s pretty close! 

-I want to start adding in some speed workout to my regular running routine. I definitely did this! Especially once I started coaching those Golden High School kids!

-I GOTTA get a new state in this year! DONE! Checked off Oregon with the Huckleberry Half Marathon!

Huckleberry Half

Huckleberry Half

I want to regularly strength train. 2x/wk. This was off and on for me through out the year. 

Get back into climbingEasy to do when you start dating a climbing guide…

Work hard with 3W Races. Check. I feel like I put in a valiant effort at this job! 

-I really want to post more often on my blogThat’s a negative. While I didn’t 100% neglect my blog, I still didn’t regularly keep it up.

Knock off another 14erDANG! Guess I’ll have to do at least two next year!

Visit TWO places in CO that I have not been. Conundrum Hot Springs and Grand Junction!

Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Springs

Actually, that’s not too shabby. It’s mainly my running goals that didn’t get done….

Looking back at 2015, OVERALL, the REAL stuff….the stuff that matters…

Here’s a little more detail into what I did all year:

Running: I started of the year with big goals in mind. I never actually reached any other those goals, but I’m not disappointed at all. I ran more when I felt like it rather than because I had to. I did a ton of racers, randomly, here and there, mostly with the company I work for, but a few just on a whim. I knocked off a ton of 5k’s and two half marathons, one being in another state. Later in the year, when I realized I wasn’t going to be coaching for the same school I coached Cross Country with last year, I kinda of got bummed and didn’t get in shape for the cross country season. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from a good friend to coach at Golden High School (which is actually the city I live in now), and was ecstatic! BUT, I wasn’t as nearly in shape as I wanted to be! But, I ran and trained with the kids, pushing as hard as they did! I got fit, fast! At the end of the season, I had some weird rib injury and after taking a week off, I lost my running motivation…the weather got colder, and I just don’t know what happen. I plan on hitting 2016 with a rejuvenate running spirit.

Running in the Colfax Marathon

Running in the Colfax Marathon

Blogging: Well, I love this blog, I just literally ran out of time. I was busy between all of my jobs, one being on the computer a lot, which left me not wanting to stare at a computer screen when I did get free time. I really want to revamp my blog, the look, the theme..everything in 2016.

Relationships: Ooo, I like this topic…finally, for once in my life! I started off the year in strange, “I-don’t-know-what-we-are” type of relationship. While we had great times together, I knew we were on different pages, so I ended things. Shortly after, while being on a sorta-of-date with a friend, I ran into my crush co-worker. 😉 We hung out that night, exchanged numbers…our first date was about a week later (rock climbing, of course), and the rest if history!

That's the boyfriend!

That’s the boyfriend!

Career: WOAH! Finally, I had one full time job for a WHOLE year! I got hired in November of 2014 by 3W Races doing marketing and race production. It’s been a blast! It’s great to actually get paid for something you love very much (i.e. running). I did a lot of marketing, volunteer coordinator for our big races, promoting at run clubs and going to other races to promote our company. In addition to 3W, I have still been personal training and teaching group fitness classes (including the TRX) at the Golden Rec Center as well as coaching Cross Country at Golden (fall) and Track & Field (jumps coach in the spring seasons). Yes, it makes me very busy, but I can’t let go of any of those part time jobs because frankly I love all of them and well, it helps pay my debt off faster (student loans).

That's me, in the pink, working at a race!

That’s me, in the pink, working at a race!

In between all the BIG stuff (see above), I had plenty of other adventures all year long….

January– Ran the Resolute Runner 5k (third year in a row), Started back up as a 3W ambassador AND employe (being both got a little bit technical, but all around fun). Ran one of 3W’s Six Pack Series events (first in my age group).

FebruaryRan the Heart Throb 5k with my mom.

March– Ran the Dream Catcher Half in Grand Junction. Ran the Erin Go Braugh 7.77k (third year, I think). Got certified as a RRCA Running Coach! Started the Brew Tour run club with my job.


April– Saw my first country concert (Dan + Shay). Celebrated my birthday (28!). Became a Skirt Sports Ambassador!

May– Helped coach Track and Field at Green Mountain High School and watched some of our kids at the State meet! Ran the Women’s Classic 5k (placed, but can’t remember what..). Ran the Colfax Marathon Relay. Ran the Bolder Boulder.


June– Ran the Beer Relay (SO FUN!). Ragnar Trail Relay in Snowmass. Met Started dating a wonderful guy (we had already known each other). Ran the Father’s Day Classic. Saw Joan Jett in concert!!!

July– Camping, hiking and lots of climbing! Went to Portland and ran the Huckleberry half!

August– Ran Road Ragnar. Did my first backpacking trip to Conundrum Hot Springs. Joined a fantasy football team. Started coaching Cross Country at Golden High School.


September– Visited my Grandpa in Seattle (RIP), Went to London! And Paris! Ran the Tough Mudder. Ran the Race for the Cure

October– Took some amazing athletes to the Colorado State Cross Country Meet. Had fun at the Chilli Cook off in Golden. Spent wonderful time with the boyfriend.

The girls team at Regionals!

The girls team at Regionals!

November- CSU v Wyoming game. Rail Road Museum. Spent an awesome Thankgiving working a race and then napping and eating and napping with the family.

December– Ran the Fa La La and got 1st in my age group! Had an amazing holiday season with my family and the wonderful boy’s family.

I’m sure there’s a few note-worthy events I have left out, but that gives you an idea of my 2015. Overall, amazing. A couple sad moments (my Grandpa passed away and a month later my cat passed away). A lot of wonderful experiences, adventures and great company.

Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!


Greetings from OREGON! And other updates!

Yikes, it’s been awhile. Again. What can I say? Other than, “I’ve been busy!” It’s true, of course. But I know everyone is busy with different things. So my other excuse for not blogging is: I am on the computer all day at work and don’t want to be on it when I’m home. So there. I’ll just catch you up on my life. My last updates post was in mid May followed by the Bolder Boulder Post Race Recap! After the Bolder Boulder… 1. I ran the Beer Relay in Lyons, CO. SOOOO SOOO SOOOOOOO much fun!!! Highly recommend it! 11389990_10206468676693312_4354079847329693639_n June: 2. Went on a random adventure to Buena Vista with a new boy. 😉 Hiked, got beer and and visited the hot springs! 20150612_142230 3. I hosted another one of my Brew Tour runs. (In case you don’t know: I work for a running company, 3W Races, in Colorado. I mostly do marketing, production and run club promotions but I also helped make the 3W Run Club – the Brew Tour and am a mini race director one time per month, run club style, meeting at a different brewery each month!) 20150707_181355 4. I did Ragnar Trail – Snowmass. It was fun-ish. It rained the whole time on us. race_900_photo_19781070 5. I started climbing A LOT more! IMG_8282 6. Went to a TON of run clubs in June (and July) to promote 3W Races. 7. Worked the Skirt Sports 13er. 8. Had a fun date-adventure up in Fort Collins. I had to go to a run club, so I brought a special someone to join me and we explored a brewery up there! 9. Ran the Father’s Day Classic. Placed 2nd in my age group. 18442509564_e49deace35_o 10. Went on another date-adventure to Colorado Springs for a run club and decided to hike the Manitou Incline with said special someone. 20150622_145353 11. Saw Joan Jett in concert!!!!! It was… AWESOME!!! 11168864_10206689004691193_6053794539637138268_n July: 12. Worked the Longmont Half on the 4th of July. 13. Got out of town and went camping. Watched fireworks in a small town in Colorado.

Yes, that's my dog!

Yes, that’s my dog!

14. Hosted another Brew Run 20150721_182304 15. Did my first multi-pitched climb with my first rappel! SCARY! 11737808_10102306204764153_6127050431583264416_n 16. Hiked Hanging Lake with my Mom.

That's my mommy!

That’s my Mommy!

17. Hiked Golden Gate Park while the special boy and his friend climbed. 20150712_131320_Pano 18. High school reunion. Meh. 19. My second multi-pitch climb, this time with a super scary traverse and a free-hanging rappel. SCARY but fun.


Yep! Climbed that!

11262305_10102320268734843_3290696359301787565_n 19. Worked another big race for 3W Races, the Prairie Dog Half/10k/5k.

In general, I have been working 40+ hours per week between 3W Races and my Personal Training/Group Fitness job at the rec. I have been hiking and climbing a lot and I have still been running 3-4 times per week. I am not specifically training and have been going more by feel. If I feel like a run, I’ll go. If I don’t, I don’t run…… And I have been spending a lot of time with this boy…. he makes me smile and takes me on all those crazy climbing adventures! ….wait for it…. AND right NOW I’m in OREGON!! Doing some hiking, running, and site seeing! It’s been fun so far!




Multnomah Falls

Yep! I finally get a vacation! (First one in about two years!) For the first few days, I am with the cross country team I helped coach last year (Arvada High) and once they head back, I will be running a race (a half!) to knock off a new state and hanging out with my step sister! WHEW! And that’s what’s been going on!

Updates – New Job Announcement! It’s pretty amazing!

Hello all! I hope you have been having a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever one you celebrate!

I have not had a chance to blog in a while. I go through these phases. If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that.

My last post was about my thousands of jobs that I have had this year. At the bottom, I alluded to a new job!

I would finally like to share with you what that is.

Drum roll please….



3W LogoI am now a Marketing Coordinator for 3W Races!

3W Races is a local running company in the Arvada/Westminster area. As you might know, I have been an Ambassador for them for the last year. What that meant was I volunteered a lot for them at their events and run clubs to promote for them. In exchange I got to run their races, fun freebies like 3W race shirts and above all I met numerous amazing people! I’m super thankful for the Ambassador program.

About a month ago, I received a phone call from the race directors and owners and they said they had a really cool opportunity for me. I called them back and found out that they wanted to offer me a job!

I was ecstatic! Like dancing and jumping around in my car ecstatic! A good, big girl job with a RUNNING company! An actual running company! Something that all of us bloggers talk about all the time! Amazing! It’s perfect for me!

So what will I be doing? I will mainly help with the marketing side. That’s dealing with sponsors and helping get the word out about our events. I will also be helping with the very program I was/am involved in: The Ambassador program. I’m really excited to help with that. And I also will help with some race production, volunteer coordination, registration, packet pick ups, water stations, set up, etc, etc. Basically anything they need help with, I’m there!

It pays off to be a Jack of All Trades!

Needless to say, this is an amazing opportunity for me. While it is only part-time for now (but growing fast) I’m still really excited that they thought of me for the job! I will still be personal training and coaching group fitness at the rec center and I will still be coaching high school cross-country and track and field. I may keep a few promotions jobs like the liquor promos because those are super flexible and usually at night (plus it’s good money, and I pretty much get paid to socialize – win win). But I am getting rid of all my other random jobs and no more Substitute Teaching and dealing with awful teenagers!

1932327_890590240958965_3252239395591810224_nOther Updates:

-I am going also be a 2015 3W Ambassador as well. All that means is if they don’t need me to “work” a race, I’ll just volunteer to cover my needed volunteer hours.

-Running….going better for me than it has been. I am working on re-building my base again. It’s tough work but I’m sure I’ll be back to where I was in no time. It’s just really frustrating and part of me so desperately wants to be FAST! More on “running and me” later.

-Snowboarding…the season has started! I have gotten in a handful of days already!


Two of my boarding buddies!

-Relationships…meh we wont get into that! I am learning to just “go with it.” It may not work out in the end and that’s ok, but as long as the journey is fun, I know that someday I will find someone willing to stick by me.

-Hmm….what else is going on? I was driving a rental car for almost a month after being rear ended by a hit and run driver (I was not injured). But upon getting my car back, it decided that it didn’t want to start very well in the cold and the shocks and struts are gone…oh boy…and I was stuck with another rental (but this time is was a Dodge Challenger!!) Can I just own a horse and buggy, please??

-Holidays…I had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had a friend visiting from California and he joined for X-Mas dinner and we went snowboarding at Breckenridge two days in a row!

My friend from Cali on the Right

My friend from Cali on the Right

I think that’s about all the updates I can think of right now! My new job has been keeping my very busy! I’ll leave you with a view from Breckenridge!

What a sight, eh?

What a sight, eh?