March Updates

Hopefully you all caught my Erin Go Braugh Post Race Recap! If not, go read it.

A lot has been going on in Racing the State’s world. It’s been busy, busy, busy! If you need a refresher, here’s my last set of life’s updates and my post on running updates.

Let’s just get at it:

sugar daddyCareer Updates:

Last you heard I was job searching like crazy and picking up random odd jobs here and there. I had a few hours with the Camp MissFits job I do. Well, now pretty much all my hours from there were cut. BUT I wasn’t fired, per say. It’s a long story. I’ll try to make it short and understandable while trying to be professional and respectful.

Let’s see, how do I say this? Basically the business was losing revenue and my boss needed to save money. So, she had to cut everyone’s’ hours and coach all the boot camps herself. ALL of my boot camp hours were cut but the two other coaches got to keep one or two sessions. Given, they’ve been with the company longer…but they also have other jobs that supply the majority of their income.

That being said, she did want/need me to do the tedious, boring, confusing administrative work I’ve been doing..becuase that’s where she needs the most help, apparently. However, most of that involved paperwork, which requires picking up the actual papers and it’s not worth my time to drive and just grab a few papers for one hour of work. So basically, I don’t do very much admin work anymore either.

She did drop a line that IF I was available during tues/thurs nights (which I’m not because of another job I got), I would have been able to keep one boot camp session. Take from that what you will.

To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement. I helped develop the small group personal training program that she took from me. I worked really hard on training myself and being a better boot camp instructor, but she took that from me. But above all, she had asked me back last year to literally drop my own business and not have a bunch of part jobs (a common thing in the fitness industry especially for newbies) to work more with her and with the promise of getting more and more hours. And now, I’m exactly where she promised me I wouldn’t be: with a handful of part-time jobs.

I still am partially employed by her and will answer emails and help as needed if I can which just means I do a random boot camp here and there and a little bit of admin work that only involves our data entry websites. She did say as soon as she can (who knows how long that will be), she would like to have me, and the other coaches, coach boot camps again, but understands if I wont be able to in the future from filling up my schedule with other jobs. Sounds like a bad breakup, eh? They always realize what they had after it’s gone.

Now, just because I do have a handful of part time jobs, doesn’t mean that’s bad for me right now.

I do have some great news to tell you! I basically have three other jobs I work regularly (along with random gigs I pick up here and there for promotional jobs and brand ambassador work).

green high school logoJob 1: I am the newest Green Mountain High School Assistant Track Coach!! Yep yep!! I am the long and triple jumps coach! And it’s a blast. I realize that track season only goes to May, but this is excellent experience and IT’S PAID! (Where as when I was coaching Cross Country, I was volunteering). I actually don’t have much experience with jumps, but I’m learning and the kids who are jumpers are new, so I’m not destroying anyone’s track and field dreams! In all seriousness, this is the case, I am leaning as I go with the help of the other coaches and one of my jumpers took 2nd in the triple jump last meet!

prestige logoJob 2: I got hired just last week as a personal trainer at Prestige Fitness! I’m really nervous for this because I don’t have much one-on-one training experience but excited that I get the opportunity to develop as a personal trainer. Plus, my fitness manager used to teach where I went to personal training school. So far, so good! Everyone there is really nice and not your typical gym worker (you know what I’m talking about: The big douche bag, meat heads or the typical stuck up fake girls). Everyone is down to earth and just athletic in general, the clientele is mostly younger and I really like the atmosphere!

Job 3: Working as a fitness instructor for the City of Golden. I’ve been here since the beginning of February. I have 3 classes a week where I get to develop my own boot camp type of class. It’s  a blast!

The best part about theses jobs is they are all really close to each other and I have very minimal travel time if I’m going from one place to the next. Whereas Camp MissFits was really far from everything and when I had to get there during rush hour, I had to add an hour (literally) to travel time.

Working for Bear Naked Granola on top of the ski slope!

Working for Bear Naked Granola on top of the ski slope!

Odd jobs: I still do promotional work and brand ambassador work. “What’s that,” you ask? Well, you ever go to a trade show, auto show, or event at, say, your local ski resort? Chances are the people working those sponsor booths are brand ambassadors. It’s part-time, random work but pays very well.  You also get to meet really awesome people (some not so awesome as well) and make some really good connections. It’s a whole world and you really could make a career out of it – but you have to be very regular about searching for your next job. Some people look for big, fun, popular events and travel across the country while others stick to their home towns and work a lot of, maybe, not as fun ones. Recently I spent about a week in Vail, CO working for Bear Naked Granola again for the US Open (a snowboarding competition). It was a blast and the week ended with free concerts in Vail.

Apocalyptic Fitness: This is my own business. My current projects are writing up a business plan and also figuring out what I really want to do with it. I have dreams of maybe opening a running store with a studio for training people. I really wanted to open it right in the middle of Summit County (the mountains) where there’s a lot of traffic and athletes all year round, but I just found out there’s already a specialty running store there. 😦  I have a lot of thinking to do on this and I also want to get more experience training people one-on-one which I will get through Prestige Fitness!

While working I met Danny Davis (an olympic snowboarder) and got to eat lunch in the Athletes Tent with the boy (who was working in there)!

While working I met Danny Davis (an olympic snowboarder) and got to eat lunch in the Athletes Tent with the boy (who was working in there for the same company)!

I think that covers it for career updates.

Running Updates:

Since my “falling back in love with running” post, I was still working on building up my base, running about 4 times per week to give my body enough time to recover. It wasn’t until I had to go to Vail that I hadn’t run. After my Erin Go Braugh race, I felt pretty out of shape and way far from where I was last year. I vowed to myself to get back in shape!

PD_Half_LogoI haven’t picked a full marathon yet that I want to try for, but I have picked a half to train for. April 13th, 3W is doing their Prairie Dog Half. It’s the same weekend as the Horsetooth Half, which super bums me out, I LOVE the Horsetooth half, BUT I can get into the Prairie dog half for free and it’s the company I’m an ambassador for anyway. Although now that I look at the calendar, I have a lot of work to do! That’s like less than a month away! I can do it! I think. My body is at it’s best when it’s in half marathon shape.

For now, check out the “Upcoming Races” box on the side as I fill in races!

Fitness Updates:

Now that I am an employee of a gym, I am ready to get back to lifting! Bear in mind, this isn’t what it sounds! Everyone hears the word “lifting” and thinks “BODY BUILDER!” I just want to get my strength back and work on some exercises for injury prevention. I’ll keep you posted with my plans/workouts.

I also started climbing again with a girl I met through the 3W Ambassadors. I really missed it! I’m hoping to go again here real soon!

Other than those things, life is pretty much the same! I’m still seeing “the boy” and I’m trying to hang out with friends as much as possible whenever I get a spare moment. I want to get a few more days of snowboarding in before the season is over! Lastly, over the last couple of weeks, I got to enjoy some live music at a few concerts, which I haven’t gotten to do for a really long time. At the end of the work week in Vail, Capital Cities played and then we hopped over to a Tribe Called Red and Dr. Jazzy Jeff! Then last week, I got to enjoy the musical entertainment of the Kongos, The Unlikely Candidates and New Politics at Keggs and Eggs! All three were awesome! AND they were all FREE!

New Politics rocked the house! Including break dancing on the bar, right in front of us!

New Politics rocked the house! Including break dancing on the bar, right in front of us!


I have some good news and some bad news. I would say I would start with the bad news first and end with the good, but it’s all kinda combined together.

Do you know how hard it is to write about running when you haven’t been running much?? Well, it’s pretty hard. It’s like a guilty feeling. Good news is, I’ve been slowly getting back to my normal running…

Running Updates:

My last post before my New Years Resolutions was about hitting my training “wall” and unfortunately I haven’t run many miles since that post.

Ah, excuses

Ah, excuses

December flew by in the running world due to many reasons. Here are the many reasons excuses why I didn’t run (in order):

1. The first week or so, Denver was plagued with absolutely freezing weather.  Like “boogers you didn’t know you had instantly freeze in your nose” freezing.  Since I don’t have a gym membership, I didn’t get much running in. (I coach boot camp at a community college where we “rent” their gym, but due to changes with our contract, I felt awkward working out there. It’s hard to explain and would be a very long story).

2. At the end of my last long run, I believe the end of November or very early December, I developed horrible knee pain, so I was also scared to run again.

3. Then, I was hit with the flu mid December. It knocked me on my ASS! I had the fever, body aches, coughs etc. I didn’t move from my bed for about 3 days, and when I finally did, I only managed to make it over to the boy’s house, make homemade soup with equally sick him, and back to sleep again.

4. Once I was able to move again, I still had a dreadful cough. Horrible! I didn’t want to compromise my lungs with a cold run, or any run in general.

Snowboarding around X-Mas

Snowboarding around X-Mas

5. Then finally, around the holidays, I was invited to spend the week in Breckenridge with the boy and his family and spent every day snowboarding (and before you assume, yes, I still was at the end of my sickness…and yes, I chose to snowboard through it – don’t judge me. I do what I want!). Even when we returned after that week, we drove up there a handful of other times. (Just so you know, I’ve been snowboarding more times this seasons than my last two seasons put together!!).

6. Then finally, I decided to lace my shoes back up and oh man..the pain! I had a horrible pain, made me cry pain! It was in my left knee! Which was really strange to me, because I have no pain when I snowboard.

Just to put this in perspective for you, we are now were in the first week in January in this story.

I really wanted to run a race on the first, but I’m glad I didn’t, because I’m guessing with the knee pain I experienced a week into January, a race wouldn’t have gone well. I went snowboarding New Years day instead. It was Jan 6th when I laced my sneakers back up again. I know this exactly because I cool running log book from my Mom for Christmas!

That's where is hurts!

That’s where is hurts! (camera – mirror image, it is indeed my left knee that hurts).

I decided to just go for it and run at my work; weird feelings and all. (It’s a really complicated situation, I swear). I ran for about 1 mile only on the treadmill that day and the knee pain started. I ran through it at first, thinking it was just one of those weird tweaks or something. You know what I mean, right? But when it wouldn’t go away, I hopped off the treadmill.

The next day, I decided to aim for a small three mile run, outside, to try it again. I only made it about a mile before I was crying, in public, because my knee was reallllllllly painful. I was a mile from home, so I had to scrambled back. I walked a bit and the pain would subside. Then I would pick the pace back up only to pick the pain back up as well. It was terrible.

Before you assume, I had been making sure to stretch and foam roll. I do need to do it more, but since I discovered the pain, I’ve been foam rolling before the few runs I’ve done and then foam rolling again with static stretches (just like I learned from school) after my run. I also foam roll and stretch a lot on my non-running days.

I tried the treadmill again the next day and only made it about a quarter mile before my knee was killing me.

Yeah, I got to play with cute puppies while working!

Yeah, I got to play with cute puppies while working!

This is when someone asked me the question: “Does your knee hurt when your snowboard?” It hadn’t been previously, so that brings us up to two weekends ago. I was working an odd job up in the mountains where I got to snowboarding a tiny bit (see a little later in this post for more, fun, info), and no pain! What. The. Heck?????

I was on my feet pretty much all weekend, so I rested Monday and Tuesday and decided to give it a try again on Wednesday.

I tied my shoes, stretched my legs, and attempted to run….I made it through a 2 mile run with NO PAIN! I was really achy afterward, but there was none of the sharp pain I felt inside my knee when I was actively running. So that’s good. And confusing.

In order to figure this out and not cause damage, I’m taking this running thing slowly. Realllllyy sllloowwly. I rested on Thursday and went snowboarding friday.

I laced up the ol’ tennis shoes on Saturday and ran 3 whole miles with no pain!!!

I worked the Bronco’s game on Sunday (WOOT! GO BRONCOS!) and was on my feet all day.

Then Monday, yesterday, I managed to get through 3.2 miles, no pain. Well, not entirely. At about 2.75 miles, the pain was staring to show up…but I was so close to home, I kept going….and wouldn’t ya know, the pain just vanished!

UGH! So confusing! But that brings me to my next update….

sedona marathon event logoSedona Marathon Updates:

I’m not doing the Sedona marathon. There it is. And I’m super bummed (Biggest understatement of the year).

I was actually crying when I started this post.

So you read about the knee pain I was experiencing…

After the holidays, I was pretty confident I could get myself in marathon – endurance shape by the beginning of February. At that time, I didn’t know I would still have the knee pain.

being brokeEven if I didn’t have knee pain or even if I was back up to marathon endurance, the fact of the matter is I can’t afford to do the race. I never registered, and I’m glad I didn’t, because then I wouldn’t have been able to afford the travel costs. I’ve been emailing a friend I met while volunteering at Leadville, and she would have housed me (and fed me, she said) but there’s no way I could afford the travel expenses – driving or flying.

Ya know, the knee pain is one thing, and I’m glad I’m not doing it due to that because I don’t want a long-term injury. But when it comes down to the fact that I’m not stable enough, at my age, to afford a race that I can drive to, that’s where I get really upset.

running is my lifeAnd there’s even more to it than that. You see, running is my thing. It’s pretty unique to me (out of the people I grew up with and am currently around). It defines me. It’s something that I truly am passionate about (hence why I changed my career) and it’s something that makes me incredible happy. Especially racing, and challenging myself (it’s not like I’m breaking olympic records here) And that’s important to me. I know there’s plenty of people in this world that can’t do things they truly enjoy, but running and racing, to keep a long story short, keeps me sane. It’s not like a picked a super expensive hobby.

So when I can’t afford to do the main thing that I enjoy, I get really frustrated because I’ve been trying soooo hard to be able to do things I like for the past few years.

running-cheaper-than-therapySorry about that rant.

Which brings me to my next set of updates…

Career Updates:

I’m not trying to tell a sob story here, or make you feel bad for me. I’m just trying to explain that I’ve been working pretty hard to better myself only to keep meeting roadblocks that I have no control over.

I was doing pretty well with my current job (and I feel like I can post about it because I’m 99.9% sure my boss would never read my blog.

suck less, thanksBasically, to TRY and make a long story short, I was asked awhile back to put my own personal business on hold by my boss at the boot camp company. She offered me more hours at the time with the goal and intention of getting me closer to full-time soon. This was back in August or September. She wanted help with starting a small group personal training group within her company because small group training is apparently all the rage right now, not one-on-one training.

She also said she would help me learn the ways of the fitness world and it would be way “better” for me. I would get the experience and even though I wouldn’t be making as much per hour as I would on my own, I would be saving in the cost of marketing and stuff like that.

I took a few days to decided and I put Apocalyptic Fitness on hold. I became very loyal to her. Pretty much doing anything and everything she asked with the hopes of getting more and more hours.

With the few months that followed, I was doing alright. I was making ends meet, barely, but things were looking good and promising.

Then, December happened. Our agreement with the gym we kind of rent was changed, as I’ve mentioned previously, and my boss decided she wanted to look for a building of her own. The idea of having our own building opened up many opportunities for her business as well as my career in the long-term future. But in the short-term future, that meant cutting costs to save for this new facility and thus, cutting my already few hours.

I’m pretty disappointed to say the least. I get kinda angry when I start really thinking about it. It’s really frustrating that I put my own momentum on hold only to be let down.

So, with the recent slash in hours, I have been spending a lot of time job searching like crazy and picking up random odd jobs where ever I can.

In the last few months…

I may or may not change my name each game I worked...

I may or may not change my name each game I worked…

…I have worked Bronco Games pouring beer – which is oddly fun and I got to see the last quarter of my Broncos win the AFC Championship!!! SOO exciting! SUPERBOWL!

…I have house sat for a good friend of mine – I slept on the couch with 2 big, fluffy creatures (dogs).

…And the best odd job I have had is working as a Brand Ambassador for Bear Naked Granola in Keystone! I passed out samples, bandanas and best of all, I got the boy a job too and we were sent to the top of the mountain to take super sweet succession shots of people in the Terrain Park! I even go to take picture of the boy wearing some promo gear that Bear Naked Featured on their own facebook page!!! Check it out:

That job was a blast and I will be working with them again in March at Vail!

The awesome photo I took of my boyfriend..posted on the Bear Naked Facebook!!!

The awesome photo I took of my boyfriend..posted on the Bear Naked Facebook!!!

Anyway, I’ve been job searching and networking as much as possible for additional hours in the fitness world, the running industry (i.e. Cross Country or Track Coach) or the brand ambassador industry (that is a whole, interesting world – people do stuff like that for a living! Can you believe that!?).

I am also looking at starting back at getting Apocalyptic Fitness up and running again. A couple of friends of mine have a little garage in downtown Denver that they use for martial arts instruction and when I get clients, I will be renting the space to use! We have a good thing going here – as long as I get clients! 🙂

I think that covers it for updates… I’m honestly not sure. I’m trying really hard and right this second, I’m feeling pretty optimistic, but when it comes to my current situation, especially related to my recent job changes, I get pretty frustrated.

I was pretty missing in action on my blog, but I have admittedly been missing in action when it comes to real life and my friends as well. It’s a big circle of emotions…I can’t do my marathon because of finances -> my finances were fine until this job -> I’ve been working hard -> etc -> etc…. honestly, I get kinda depressed. And, like a lot of people, I withdraw. In conjunction with the holidays, being out-of-town, and spending a lot of time job searching, I hope this explains a lot to my friends why I’ve been missing in action and may have not followed up on our plans or texted you back. I’m sorry. I’m trying to be better. I have come out of hiding!

Living Out of Bags

This is what the passenger side of my car looks like on a regular basis.

This is what the passenger side of my car looks like on a regular basis.

Everybody has heard the phrase “living out of their car,” right?? Well, I live out of bags. I’m always packing, unpacking, and repacking bags. Constantly. Everyday. This is what I do, it’s what I’ve always done.

I’ve gotten really good and thinking ahead about what I will need or want. Ever since I was a kid, I would travel between my parents’ houses and have to be really good at knowing what was already at each house and what I needed.

Now, I’m packing work bags, gym bags, travel bags, race bags, camping bags, hiking bags, going over to the boyfriend’s house bags…

And this means I own a lot of bags…but not in the girly-girl way of having 500 Coach or Gucci purses (did I even spell those right??). I have ugly bags, practical bags, bags that actually are useful and not for an accessory. In fact, I think I’ve had my purse for at least 4 years. No joke.

Actually, I’m barely girly enough to carry a purse, I never used to until well into college, but I learn the hard way that I tend to lose stuff if it’s not kept together in a Bag.

But, this is what I do. I live out of bags. Just today I had my work back, my purse, and my gym clothes bag (for my own workout). There was one weekend, as I was driving down to Colorado Springs, I loaded my car with my regular bag filled with clothes, my work bag, and a separate bag with hiking stuff because we had planned to go hiking. Oh, and my purse.

That’s what my life’s been for, well, all my life, but more so in the last couple years has it gotten to the point of multiple bags loaded into my car on just one given day.


Seg-way in into what’s been going on lately; a little bit of an update.

I haven’t been too active on my blog because I have been trying to figure out my professional world. I have been getting slightly more hours with the bootcamp I coach and do administrative work for, but it still isn’t quite enough. After TONS and tons of interviews, I decided that I might give it a go at doing my own business. I knew it would be rough in the beginning, and it is, but I like being in control of my own ideas of how I want to help people and using personal training to do that. I don’t like the way big corporate gyms view fitness and health…but don’t get me started on that. We would be here all day.

While running around town and promoting my business one day, my boss from the bootcamp called me up and offered me a “promotion” of sorts. She wants to start incorporating personal training and semi-private training into her business; she, herself, just doesn’t have time for it. So, she asked me if I would like to help develop it. I’d even get to use my business name if I wanted. “OF COURSE”, I replied. So there you have it. So I’ll soon be helping with personal training, in addition to coaching bootcamps, for Camp MissFits, and I can still have my business for clients that don’t live in the area.

Let’s see, since my last major post was about volunteering at the Leadville 100, what has happened since then????

-> We started off cross country season with a “scrimmage” of sorts called the Arvada Sr. High School 7th Annual Alumni Race (say that 5 times fast). So it was all the high school runners I coach, the alumni and community. And I took 1st of ALL women!


My t-shirt and my gatorade “award”

-> We’ve also had a handful of meets. I love every aspect of coaching, I really would love to see where this takes me, because I could see coaching as a major part of my life!


It’s funny though, I forgot how far 3.1 miles seems to a high schooler. Every meet I get the same question: “How long is this race?” 3.1, it’s always 3.1!!! My girls are great, though. We have a fairly big team, although only half a dozen are dedicated and show up 100% of the time. Oh well, what can ya do? We don’t want to exclude anyone, so, we promote cross country as a way to stay in shape and keep the kids out of trouble; but at the same time, we’d love to see them really try and see how far/fast they can take the sport. It’s such a journey!

-> I’ve been additional helping out my cross country team by working the Bronco’s games to raise money for the team. If you live in the Denver area and go to a Bronco’s game, come support our team; were the beer stand at 552, and the Philly Stand is like 556 or something like that.


watchin’ the Broncos warm up.

-> One weekend, the boyfriend and I took a fun trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

No, that's not a real elephant

No, that’s not a real elephant

-> Then drove up through the zoo to the Shrine of the Sun, or something like that, I can’t think of what it’s called at the moment.


hehehe love this picture. Yes, he’s running from me. Typical.

-> I was supposed to run in the Area 13.1 half, but that was when all the flooding was going on, and even though the race was safe and NOT under water, the boyfriend had to work, so I decided to stay home, warm and dry, and help my mom work on her wedding stuff.

What will be the guests' gift

What will be the party favor

-> This most recent weekend I helped my boss put on a conference. It turn out to be a great event; I really enjoyed myself in between actually working, and took away a lot of helpful info. It was a conference called Highway to Happiness; basically a motivational conference to “reset your mindset” so to speak. Five speakers: My boss (spoke on Mindset and achieving your goals), a professional speaker (spoke about being a powerful female leader), A comedian (bringing humor into your life to make it less stressful), a Financially Fit Female (it’s in the name: speaking about being financially fit as a women), and an ex army drill Sargent (spoke on being the best YOU).

One of the Speakers, Karyn Ruth

One of the Speakers, Karyn Ruth

-> Last, but not least, and most recent, it was also the boyfriend’s birthday this last weekend. I baked a cake (no, it was not a healthy cake), we went out to dinner and a movie (Insidious 2 was great and SCARY!), and the next day, drove to the top of Pike’s Peak, a 14er (no, we didn’t hike it unfortunately – it was really a spur of the moment event!).



Being spur of the moment, Yes, I was wearing shorts and flip flops in the SNOW!

And that’s about a sum of the last month or so!

YOUR TURN: Let’s see, how about: What is the most fun event/thing/activity you have done in the last week!

Tuesday Newsday 3/12 – Training Week 3

Week 3 has come and gone! This was a much better week for training than the previous week. Lets’s just jump right to it:

Monday: Rest Day. I think you guys are getting the point that my rest days come with 15 hour days between school and work. Oh well.

Tuesday: 3 miles. 3.1 miles complete! I did my tackle the miles virtual 5K and killed it!! I felt so fast! I’ll be doing a Post Race Review later this week. Here’s a preview:

tackle the miles colage

I finished up the “race,” changed clothes, and dashed off to class. Only to find that we were doing cardiorespiratory assessments! At least I was already warmed up!

Wednesday: 5 miles. 2 miles complete unfortunately. I was in soooo much pain for some reason. In my feet. I could feel every single step.  Every single strike. I felt it through every part of my foot. I ran to the lake and back. Luckily, about 3/4 of the run, it was back to normal and I felt fine, but I still decided to end the run and not chance it. But it was really weird. And painful.

Thursday: 3 miles. 3 miles completed. I ran on my lunch break at work on the treadmill; we have some seriously nice treadmills at my new job! I mostly wanted the treadmill for a low-impact run to see if my feet had the same issue as the previous day. All was back to normal. I’m not sure what the deal is. I think I might already need new shoes unfortunately….not becuase they’re worn out, but maybe because my feet need extra cushion…i’m not sure. I’ve been asking my co-workers where I sell shoes about their opinions.

Friday: Rest day. I finally got to enjoy a night off. Dinner with my Mom and a movie with my friend. (Warm Bodies was the movie of choice….zombies!).

Saturday/Sunday: 6 miles due. I got three in. I know I skimped on my long run, but saturday I was had a virtual race to do (one day time limit), so after an all day class, I zipped into one of my three gyms I have a membership to right now, and charged the treadmill for the Virtual Heart Throb 5K:

Can you tell I'm obsessed with this new website!

Can you tell I’m obsessed with this new website!

I kinda intended to then do my 6 miler on sunday, before work. But honestly, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was so tired. So I did. I slept in until I needed to get up for work. Although I didn’t catch up THAT much on sleep.

I’ve been pretty tired lately, trying to get used to tho new schedule. I think I’m starting to figure it out, especially since I’m allowed to workout on my lunch at work. That’s always helpful!

Hope everyone elses’ weeks are going well!